5 most played Valorant agents

5 most played Valorant agents

Valorant, one of the most popular shooters of today, the main competitor to the famous Counter-Strike, and a game that attracts more and more new players every day. Although it is a tactical shooter, unlike CS: GO, Valorant currently has 15 completely different agents, and each of them has a set of magic, which allows you to choose the style of play that suits you best.

However, as expected, some agents are more fun for players than others, which is why we watch them in almost every match, and sometimes on both sides. We have therefore decided to make a list of the 5 most played, and if you have ever played Valorant, I am sure that this list will not surprise you too much.


Jett Valorant agent

1. Jett

If you've ever played Valorant or at least followed this game the least, you know it's no surprise that Jett is in No. 1. No agent in this game can make such nice or flashy moves as Jett can. Her magic allows her to jump to great heights, as well as to freeze with her speed and avoid enemy shots. In addition to all that, it has a passive one that allows iodine to shoot from the air, as well as Ulty who throws knives. 
How can players not like such a hero? 
Although it is not a favorite choice in our matches, because we all know what Jett players are like, it is hard to ignore how powerful her Kit is, which is why she is the strongest Duelist hero alongside Raze. It is in as many as 45.6% of matches, and also, it maintains a solid Win Rate of 50.3%. 

Reyna Valorant agent

2. Reyna

I can’t say Reyna is the best in her position when she’s not. I certainly don’t want to say he’s a bad hero, but he’s not the best, because I think Jett and Raze are more useful Duelist heroes. Still, if you want the ideal hero for stand-alone matches and a quick MMR boot, Reyna is an option.

If you’re more accurate than your opponents, no hero will reward you for it like her, which is why it’s so much fun to play. It rewards you if you play well, while otherwise, it is not so useful. We can see her in 33.3% of games, while her winnings are 50.4%, which in my opinion makes her a very balanced hero. 

Sage Valorant agent

3. Sage

Sage is an agent whose magic is drastically weakened compared to the beginning of the game. However, Sage is still there and is an almost indispensable part of every team. No matter how much you weaken her wall, he is still a wall and it will always be a fantastic spell. Heal has also been weakened several times, so it’s still one of the more useful spells in the game.

I don’t even have to talk about her ultimate magic, because rarely can any ability have such an impact on a round. Although he is an agent who depends a lot on his teammates, it often happens that Sage carries his team, which is why he deserves to be on this list. Her selection rate is only 0.1 higher than Omen’s, but her Winrate is an excellent 51.3%.


Omen Valorant agent

4. Omen

The controllers are in a good place for me now, except for Viper, which will get changes soon, although I'm not sure how enthusiastic Viper's players are about that. Still, this is the story of Omen, who has also been amplified several times, then weakened, only to remain at the top when it comes to Controllers (smokers).

Its Smooke is fantastic as it can be used all over the map, and Flash, i.e. Paranoia is great magic, which makes it fantastic when you want to attack a bomb site or stop an opponent's attack. Unlike Brimstone, which in my opinion has one almost useless magic, all of Omen's spells are very useful, which is why it is clear to us that players like to use it so much. We see him in 32.4% of games, while Winrate is almost at a perfect 50.1%, which in my opinion, only further proves that he is very balanced.
Raze Valorant agent


5. Raze

Raze is probably one of those agents that no one likes to play against because all her magic can do you enormous damage, which makes you an easy target if her grenade hasn't already destroyed you. Because of Satchel, she is very mobile, and her Ultimate can often bring you a round on her own.

I think she is the best Duelist currently in the game, which is shown to us by the professional scene, where she is almost a part of every team. Statistically, we watch her in 27.8% of matches, and her Winrate is 51.5%, which is great when we realize how many times she has been weakened. I'm not sure Riot must weaken her again, but it seems to me that she is much better than her competition at the moment, so if you want to raise your MMR, the question is whether there is a better hero.

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