Five years after the announcement, the game Lost Soul Aside was shown again

Lost Soul Aside Game

Back in 2016, the indie game Lost Soul Aside was announced, specifically in that it already looked competitive with Final Fantasy 15 (which was its main role model), and only one man worked on it. Meanwhile, that developer has found additional manpower and Lost Souls Aside has officially announced for the PlayStation 4 console. The game was last shown at ChinaJoy in mid-2018, and since then all trace of it has been lost.

Yesterday we were greeted by a pleasant surprise in the news that Lost Souls Aside has not strayed but is still in development. As a kind of excuse for years of silence, developer Bing Yang shared the most detailed and longest review of the game to date. Through the 18-minute gameplay footage, we can see fast action in the style of Devil May Cry games, chase sequences in which the main character rides on some kind of floating skateboard, and a fight with one vicious boss opponent.


Considering this is a game made for the previous generation PlayStation, this still looks pretty good, and it also runs at a smooth 60 fps. Admittedly, the warning states that the game is still in development and what we see does not represent the quality of the final product.

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