Pick up a cheap game - before it gets more expensive again #01

Pick up a cheap game - before it gets more expensive again 01

For all of you who are looking for games at cheaper prices, and not to search the offers of various stores, we have prepared an article like this, which we plan to release every weekend. It will contain several offers of the most interesting digital copies of games, and of course, the discounts will be good - a minimum of 50% on each game, if not more. Here's what's on offer this weekend:

A PLAGUE TALE: INNOCENCE - $12.49 PlayStation

Here is another one-time hit at a discount. Go back to the 14th century in France during the plague, take on the role of children of a noble family that the Inquisitors are trying to capture to prevent the spread of the Black Death, and embark on a multitude of plots and reversals. This action-adventure has picked up great ratings, and if you’re a fan of medieval games, this is the game for you. Even if you don’t like rats.



Fanatic has prepared his "killer" package that contains seven games with a total value of  $ 154.93. Of course, it won't cost nearly as much, but the price is 97% lower, so you will spend $ 3.99 on these games. I guess you're already wondering what the titles are, so let's go in order:

  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
  • The Walking Dead: Final Season
  • Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition
  • Dungeons 3
  • Blazing Beaks
  • Yooka - Laylee
  • Yoku´s Island Express

If you buy this package, you will get games on Steam, and you will also have a 5% discount on your next order through Fanatic.



Favorite dictator El Presidente has approved the sale of the Tropico series via Steam. Bearded, gracious, and good as he is, he decided to lower the prices of his products to as much as 77% of the standard price on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Tropico series. Thus, games from the first to the sixth part are on sale, with all the accompanying DLCs so that they can rule the tropical islands.




Do you love samurai and are you ready for a multitude of dying? Then this game is for you. This top title has been compared by many to the Dark Souls games and the main character to Geralt. Admittedly, really the main character is a bit reminiscent of Geralt, but Nioh, although challenging, should by no means be compared to the Souls series. Apart from Nioh, the publisher KOEI TECMO has its week of discounts on Steam, and therefore other titles such as Nioh 2, Dead or Alive 6, and similar, so be sure to take a look at the entire offer. 



ODDWORLD: NEW´N TASTY – $ 5,24 PlayStation

Recently, the second part of the remake of the Oddworld series came out, so why not put the first part on the list of discounts. Especially since the game is really good, superbly reworked, and is a real reboot of the series. Take control of Abe and save your work colleagues from a slave-owning meat factory and become their hero. Skip all the obstacles and solve the puzzles with a nice environment and good graphics, just be careful - you have the opportunity to buy until April 29, when the sale ends.

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