Square Enix gave Game Pass subscribers a new game, and sends Avengers to PlayStation Now

Avengers to PlayStation Now

Last week it was interesting on the route between the Xbox and PlayStation platforms after it was announced that Sony’s upcoming MLB The Show 21 game will be available on the Xbox Game Pass subscription from day one, while on PlayStation consoles it will sell for $ 70-85 . Now, PlayStation fans are getting another slap in the face, this time from Square Enix.

Namely, that publishing house launched a completely new game on the Xbox Game Pass last weekend - Outriders, which aroused a lot of interest among players. And while Square Enix gives players on the Xbox that game through a subscription, players on the PlayStation through a PS Now subscription get… Marvel’s Avengers - a game that many have long declared a lost cause and the biggest disappointment of 2020.

To make the offer even funnier, the game will only be available via PS Now subscription for three months. In those three months, subscribers will not be able to experience any significant expansions for the Avengers, and it has already been announced that the promised exclusive in the form of the Spider-Man character will not be launched until the second half of 2021. for a very short period, while the brand new Outriders on Xbox subscription arrives indefinitely.

True, Marvel’s Avengers isn’t the only game to appear on PlayStation Now in the fourth month. There will be more than a solid Borderlands 3 (until September 29) and the acclaimed survival game The Long Dark. However, those are three games for the entire month - while Game Pass gets 5-10 titles almost every two weeks.

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