The Lost Gods DLC will shift Immortals: Fenyx Rising to an isometric perspective

The Lost Gods DLC Immortals: Fenyx Rising isometric perspective

When Immortals: Fenyx Rising came out, Ubisoft announced that the game would get three expansions. The aforementioned title took us into Greek mythology and continued the same path through the first DLC A New God. The second extension, called Myths of the Eastern Realm, introduces us to Chinese mythology, and the third takes us back to our Greek roots.

The Lost Gods is the latest DLC in the French company’s plans for Immortals: Fenyx Rising and will be available from April 22 this year. This DLC brings us a new character Ash, who will head to the island of Pyrite to unite Poseidon and Hades with the rest of Olympus. What is interesting is that this extension will change some of the basic mechanics of gameplay, and the one that stands out the most is the isometric perspective, so the game should look like Diablo.

The third expansion will also emphasize the new combat system, unique skills, and several elements that will help upgrade the new protagonist's equipment. To prepare players for the arrival of the lost gods, Ubisoft has prepared one task in the main game that should serve players as a brief overview of the upcoming DLC. The same will be able to be found northeast of Golden Isle.

The Lost Gods will be available in a few days, and players can purchase it and add it to their collection. The extension can be purchased as part of the Season Pass or separately on PC, Xbox One and X / S Series, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Nintendo Switch, Stadia, and Amazon Luna.

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