The new PlayStation 5 exclusive is the horror adventure Abandoned

Abandoned PlayStation 5 exclusive

A new game was announced yesterday that will appear exclusively for the PlayStation 5 console, and is not in production by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The independent Dutch team Blue Box Game Studios has announced its debut project, the horror adventure Abandoned.

It is a game in which we survive in the open world. We play the role of Jason Longfield who wakes up in an unknown forest and quickly discovers that he has been kidnapped and must flee from a mad sect led by a false prophet. It will be played from a first-person perspective, there will be weapons, but the focus will be on perceiving the situation because every shot fired is crucial, especially since ammunition will not be in abundance.

Abandoned aims for a realistic view of the environment, and is designed for 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. The game is announced for the last quarter of 2021, although in reality we will probably play it a little later.

The interesting thing about the announcement of this game is that rumors soon began to spread that this is a horror title prepared by the creator of Metal Gear, Hideo Kojima. It is not known exactly where this rumor came from, but someone has suggested that the Dutch studio Blue Box is actually Kojima's project. The “sign” is here: To whom he previously collaborated with the Dutch (around Decima engine), he was previously close to PlayStation platforms and said he wanted to do a horror game. In addition, it would not be the first time for him to present a game under a fake studio - that MGS 5 was announced under a fictional Moby Dick studio.

Still, an official statement from Blue Box Game Studios dismisses the rumors. The team claims to have no connection to Kojima. They say they have been working on smaller projects for other studies for a long time and that Abandoned is their first solo project.

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