The next BioShock could be an open world game

BioShock open wold game

The next game in the BioShock series has been in development for over a year. We know that a completely new Cloud Chamber studio is working on it and that it is expanding as the development of BioShock (4) progresses. The team is thus looking for employees in several positions in Montreal, including an experienced screenwriter who "knows how to write influential stories focused on characters in an open world."

The latter is little news because the open world has so far not been mentioned in the context of this project. Thus, it is easily possible that the next BioShock is designed as a game in which the world will be explored by a nonlinear approach.

Admittedly, BioShock has been an “open” game in the past as an example of the immersive-sim genre, so it’s not entirely clear whether it will maintain that level of restricted freedom or go for something more ambitious. The games so far have mostly been directed, but there are some indications that the Cloud Chamber is trying to deliver something new through the development of a system of “urban mob” and “systematic tribal ecology,” whatever that means to them.

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