The werewolves in Resident Evil Village are the most capable opponents of the entire series

werewolves in Resident Evil Village

The topic of the new number of Game Informer magazine is the upcoming Resident Evil Village, which means we got a little more fresh information about that game, just before the new presentation scheduled for Friday midnight. The news that has been revealed is actually juicy details about some small aspects of the game, but it definitely sounds promising.

It is stated that in the Village we will see far more characterization of the main character, Ethan Winters, for whom Capcom did not want to be just the player's "camera". More precisely, we will listen more often to Ethan's internal comments and monologues, which will also be an aspect of the deeper psychological horror in the game and an indicator of the mental state of the main character.

As is already known, players in the new Resident Evil will face werewolves, or enemies called Lycans. The ones in question are described as highly developed opponents, by far the most capable of all the standard enemies we’ve seen in the Resident Evil series. For example, the Lycans know how to camouflage themselves in order to catch a player, and they behave differently depending on whether they are alone or in a pack. They are able to climb walls, and can run fast on all fours. Sometimes we will have to hide from them, and we will have the option of barricading houses, much like in Resident Evil 4.

The title village in which the action of the game will take place does not have a name, but everyone calls it only the Village, and why this is so - we will find out in the game itself. At Capcom, they set themselves the goal of making the place the most grotesque location in the history of Resident Evil. They have also made it so that it has some of the most open and widest locations of all previous RE games. Therefore, they had to speed up the movement of the main character a bit.

Verticality will also play a significant role in the game, e.g. we will be able to jump on opponents from a height. There will also be various interactions with the environment that will allow you to eliminate opponents without shooting directly at them. For example, if a player shoots bags with "special flour", he can temporarily disable the enemies.

The "village" will also be inhabited by various animals such as chickens, pigs, horses and the like. The player can hunt these animals and pick up their meat and take it to the dealer who will make it a delicacy, and the delicacy can improve energy statistics, speed of movement, defending, etc.

The developers believe that Village has the best puzzles in the entire Resident Evil series (wicked statement!). They describe them as distinctive and interesting, and their goal was to be fun and integrated into the world and the story.

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