12 Reasons Why You Should Try Linux

12 Reasons Why You Should Try Linux
12 reasons why you should try Linux!

When choosing an OS, the thing is simple if the user knows exactly what he is looking for from the system. For most users, the choice is Windows whether, for gaming, office work, or everyday use.

Windows is easy to use, and that is why it is the most popular among average users. For advanced users, there are Pro, and Enterprise versions so it covers the whole spectrum, from the average to the professional user.

Linux, unlike Windows, is free and accessible to everyone, so it would be fair to introduce Linux to an audience, and some users might like it. The main question in this discussion is, What makes Linux better than Windows? And why should you try Linux?

1. You can connect various devices without worrying about the driver

When connecting a device, Linux will likely recognize it and put it into operation. This is possible because the point of the Linux kernel is to connect software to hardware as efficiently as possible. The Linux kernel contains approximately 16,000 codes from 1,400 different companies, so the probability of device recognition is very high.

Install Linux on almost any configuration

2. Linux can be installed on almost any configuration

With Windows, the minimum installation requirements increase with each new release. While on the other hand, thanks to a wide range of Linux distributions, it is possible to find one that has small requirements. Thanks to this, it is possible to keep the old "alive long enough" before purchasing a newer computer. This is one good reason why you should try Linux.

3. You can install software updates without rebooting

Try to remember how many times you had to wait for a Windows update to be installed. It’s frustrating if you have something important to do or you’re in a hurry, just at that point, Windows is doing an update.

With Linux, you won't have a problem downloading or installing updates. The process takes place no matter what you do. Another plus is that you can download a new version of the kernel without restarting. This feature is especially prominent in newer versions that have an option called Livepatch.

4. You can update the entire software using a single command

Technically, it's a composition of two commands, but it's not that important because no matter how you look at it, you get the same result - whether the commands are written one after the other or merged into one immediately. Either way, it’s pretty effective. On Debian-based systems (such as Ubuntu) the commands are as follows:

sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade

Boot repair for Linux

5. You can repair Linux installations, damaged packages, and more using live CD / DVD or USB media

If, after an update or for any other reason, Linux has problems booting or running in general, it is possible to use any of the following media to fix a system error. Whether it is a human error or a faulty package that will be repaired in that case.

For boot problems, use the Boot repair tool it's is not only efficient but also very easy to use. What is important to emphasize is that this is not just about Linux. In some cases, using these tools or using the chroot environment, it is possible to fix errors on the Windows system.

Linux without fear of viruses and malware

6. You can install the software without fear of viruses and malware

  • That doesn’t mean Linux can’t be attacked, but unlike Windows, the chances of that are pretty slim. Several factors contribute to the security of the system itself, and they are:
  • permissions - any action on any directory requires permission or superuser privilege
  • most downloadable software for Linux comes from verified repositories
  • due to the huge number of distributions, it makes no sense or motivation to look for security vulnerabilities
  • the number of users is smaller anyway, so this factor certainly contributes to security because it doesn't make much sense to take data from smaller groups - it consumes a lot of time and resources, and in the end, can very easily fail

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7. Software updates

Since Linux is an open-source project, people around the world find bugs or security vulnerabilities very quickly, and a new update is available almost every day, which considerably contributes to the security of the system itself.

Linux is great for developers

8. Linux is great for developers

Linux supports almost all programming languages such as C, C ++, Python, Java, Perl, Ruby. Moreover, it offers a range of applications useful for programming purposes. Also, the Linux terminal is superior to use compared to Windows cmd. There are also many libraries developed just for Linux. Also, many developers point out that the package manager simplifies their work.

9. Reliability

Windows as we know it is getting slower day by day. After a while, the user wants to reinstall Windows because the system becomes too slow. Linux, on the other hand, does not have such problems. The user will install a new version of Linux before the system slows down.

While in Windows, the situation is such that after each update or installation of new software, it is necessary to restart the system in Linux, this is not the case, as mentioned before. Also, another fact that goes in favor of Linux systems is that it is used by Google, Facebook, and other IT giants on their servers, and it is also used by all supercomputers.

Various Linux distributions

10. Various distributions

There are hundreds of different Linux distributions. Why is that so? Some distributions are better for PCs, some for servers, some for developers, system admins, etc. Depending on the user profile and the computers at their disposal, the distribution that best suits the given needs is selected.

11. Linux Privacy

It's no secret that Microsoft collects its users' data and subsequently analyzes it, which is why Windows 10 has been the target of criticism. The question is to what extent the data is collected and whom it sold. So, if the user is concerned about how this data is collected and processed, it would be a good option to consider installing a Linux distribution that does not collect data or sell it to anyone.

12. Better community support

What is one of the better things about Linux is the support of communities around the world. There are various forums where more or fewer solutions can be found for almost all problems that both new and more advanced users may encounter. Since the transition to Linux is not easy because it takes a little will and effort to learn some things, the support of the community is a big plus.

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