GTA 3 PC - On This Day

GTA 3 PC - On This Day

Today, it is little known that the popular Grand Theft Auto series started on the PC platform. The reason why this so lies in the fact that from the third part GTA got the practice of appearing first on consoles and then on PC. Two decades ago, PC audiences had to wait more than five months while players on the PlayStation 2 played their first GTA title in a 3D environment.

But the wait paid off because the PC port of Grand Theft Auto 3 was visually more beautiful, it had some exclusive options, like playing its mp3s inside a separate radio station. The game has also brought together a community of hardworking modders. The mods allowed the PC version of GTA 3 to have a bunch of different things, including helicopters and different types of aircraft other than the cult “Dode”.

By 2006, the PC version of the Rockstar hit had sold 420,000 copies. That number has meanwhile increased with the arrival of Steam and it is estimated that the game is now owned by up to two million players. By the way, GTA 3 was quite a demanding game on the PC at the time.

Recommendation: Pentium 3 of 450 MHz, 96 MB of RAM, and 16 megabytes of graphics.

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