Hitman: Blood Money - On this day

Hitman: Blood Money - On this day

The Hitman series has expanded its gameplay with each new game, and fans will say that it came close to the perfect formula in the sequel to Blood Money. That game, which came out on this day 15 years ago, has enriched Hitman with a few welcome additions. The game punished players for a violent Rambo approach by giving less money at the end of each mission. The money was needed for new weapons and upgrading them, the weapons themselves were not necessary for eliminations because Agent 47 in Blood Money could cause accidents that would "accidentally" kill the characters.

system of observation was also introduced into the game, which was transferred from mission to mission. For example, if a player committed a crime in the presence of a witness, or was filmed by a camera, in the next mission the characters knew how to recognize him faster. Of the other newspapers, hiding corpses in chests was introduced, and this was the last Hitman game with a first-person view (not counting Sniper titles).

Levels in Blood Money were the main reason why the game was played multiple times. There were a total of twelve missions (plus a final mission). The missions are located in a variety of locations, from Chile’s wine cellars to the U.S. White House. As this Hitman was an intergenerational title, on some levels, it used the power of new consoles to display loads of people - a hundred of them on screen.

The game picked up high ratings and enchanted fans of the series. In less than two months, 1.5 million copies were sold. By 2011, that number had grown to 2.1 million copies. This year Hitman: Blood Money got a remaster for current consoles.

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