The new Final Fantasy will reportedly be a souls type game and will be called Final Fantasy: Origin

Final Fantasy: Origin souls type game

A Frenchman said on Twitter these days, “Le nouveau Final Fantasy de Square Enix n’est autre qu’un Souls-like.” Do all clear? If not, the translation should be something like this: "The new Square Enix Final Fantasy is nothing but a Souls game." Of course, they wouldn’t have conveyed this to me if those words didn’t have some weight, and here the confirmation is given by the Fanbyte portal.

According to their sources, what is written in French is true and their sources say the new game will be called Final Fantasy Origin. It is being developed by Team Ninja and should be very similar in gameplay to Nioh games, given that Team Ninja is the development studio that worked on that series. Furthermore, rumors say that the game will be slightly milder than other Souls games, so we will be able to choose the weight settings, and the game should be exclusive to the PlayStation 5, at least in the context of consoles - it is easily possible that it will appear on PC.

Supposedly you should testify about all this at this year's E3 fair when the game should be shown for the first time, but take everything you read with a grain of salt. Finally, the E3 is approaching, so we will see if this game will appear there at all.

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