New games for the PlayStation Vita are no longer coming out although they will still be available for purchase

Sony recently announced the shutdown of digital game sales for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita platforms and withdrew the decision due to a negative reaction from fans. The planned closure of the PlayStation Store for these platforms has been abandoned and games will still be available for purchase. However, in the case of PS Vita, this does not mean that the platform as such has a future.

Namely, the developers report that Sony has stuck to the decision to retire Vito and that after the summer of 2021 it will no longer accept new games for Vito. In other words, the PlayStation Store will continue to work on Vita, digital games will be sold, but new games on Vita will no longer appear after July 20. As Sony no longer produces Vita cards for physical game releases, digital versions are the only way to is a new game released today on that platform. By removing this feature, the platform can no longer be considered current.

It is worth noting that this information has not been officially confirmed (but not refuted) by Sony. If it is true, it is interesting that Sony decided to omit this information in public communication that they gave up shutting down the digital distribution of games for that platform. Now it turns out that technically they are, but shutting down the digital distribution of new games for Vito could still be planned.

Truth be told, the PlayStation Vita is a nine-year-old platform and not many new games have been released for it anyway. However, the practice so far with the PlayStation platform has been to leave game developers free to support Sony's console for as long as they want. This is the first time that Sony has in theory blocked the launch of new games on a PlayStation.

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