Overwatch 2 reduces the number of players - 5 to 5 will be played

Overwatch 2 reduces the number of players - 5 to 5 will be played

Although Overwatch 2 will not be a sequel in the full sense (new maps will arrive in the first Overwatch as well), Blizzard has revealed that the game was designed with a significant change in the PvP segment. Instead of the current six-member teams, Overwatch 2 will move to teams with five members. So, 5v5 matches will be played.

This change had to be reflected in the classes as well. The tanks will no longer be stationary shields but will have a reduced knockback, Damage heroes will move at a higher speed, and the Support class will renew its energy if they do not receive any damage after a while.

Changes are coming in mods as well. Assault mode will no longer be part of competitive gaming. Push mode will get several new maps (including the upcoming Toronto). And when it comes to new maps, Monaco, or Monte Carlo, has been discovered. Just like the real principality, Monte Carlo is a luxury destination on hilly terrain, and in Overwatch, it will have a futuristic look.

There is still no information on when Overwatch 2 could play. We only know that it will not be in 2021, at least not in its entirety.

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