Remnant From The Ashes gets the next-gen version

Remnant From The Ashes gets the next-gen version

If you downloaded the PS Plus games for March and postponed playing Remnant due to the fantastic Final Fantasy VII, you won’t be sorry at all now.

On their official blog, the game developers announced that on May 13, 2021, a free patch is coming that will allow you to play Remnant From The Ashes in 4K resolution with constant 30FPS, or 60FPS if you play at 1080p resolution.

Also, the game will be available on May 13 at the Microsoft Store and Xbox app for Windows 10. The game will have cross-play with Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S players.


Regardless of the platform, our recommendation is not to skip this great game. We know that many of you have downloaded it on PS + without even trying it. Try it - it may surprise you very pleasantly.

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