A revision of the PlayStation 5 console hardware is planned for 2022

revision of the PlayStation 5 console hardware is planned for 2022
Some players hold the thesis that the first models of consoles should not be bought to avoid possible shortcomings and problems in operation. Such things are usually corrected over time, that is, with console revisions, and, certainly, this will also happen with the PlayStation 5. The only question is, given the shortage of consoles on sale, when we can expect the first revision at all.

According to Taiwanese media DigiTimes, the largest chipmaker - TSMC - is preparing resources for the redesigned PlayStation 5 between the second and third quarters of 2022. It is mentioned that the new console model will use AMD's 6-nanometer processor. Current models are made in a 7-nanometer manufacturing process.

According to current information, only the redesign of the interior is mentioned, ie the part of the hardware that runs the console. In other words, the announcement of this revision does not yet mean that in 2022 we will get a PlayStation 5 of a different appearance, less bulky, or different colors. Admittedly, there is a possibility that this updated model could come with a higher capacity drive.

None of this is official though, so the information should be taken with a grain of salt for now. In any case, the new model will not be so soon - even if this is true for 2022, with the delay included, we may most likely see it there sometime during 2023.
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