SnowRunner has appeared on Steam, Switch, and Xbox Game Pass

SnowRunner has appeared on Steam, Switch, and Xbox Game Pass

It sounds a bit unrealistic, but the realistic off-road simulation SnowRunner turned a month last month since it was launched on the market. The celebration waited a bit until today, and then SnowRunner showered us with his news.

For starters, the game was launched on the PC in a Steam version (until now it was a temporary exclusive for the Epic Games Store), also appeared in a portable version for the Nintendo Switch, and is also available via Xbox Game Pass subscription in Xbox releases console and PC.

Furthermore, the game entered its fourth season of additional content with the expansion of New Frontiers. It takes us to a new location in Russia, called the Amur Oblast. That territory stretches for 16 square kilometers, and we have to transport materials there to help rebuild the abandoned missile launch site.

With SnowRunner picking up excellent ratings and attracting more than two million players, the game will get four more seasons in its second year of existence. It should all culminate in the eighth season with another expansion. Here's what the upcoming season will be called, which can be accessed with the Year 2 Pass for $ 25

  • Season 5: Build & Dispatch
  • Season 6: Haul & Hustle
  • Season 7: Compete & Conquer
  • Season 8: New Expansion
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