Watch Dogs - On this day

Watch Dogs - On this day

Each generation of consoles has its title which presents players with the future of a graphical display that is not realized in the end. For the last generation of consoles, it can be said that the title was Watch Dogs, Ubisoft's action-adventure focused on hacking in Chicago.

Watch Dogs was first introduced to us at E3 in 2012, in a rather impressive piece of gameplay. But when the game came out on this day, exactly seven years ago, it was one of the most famous examples of “downgrade” and visually looked poorer than in the first show.

Ubisoft then claimed that the game was not visually degraded, but even the PC version was not at the graphics level shown until the modders fixed it. The version for the consoles looked significantly worse, especially those for the old PS3 and X360.

But what’s left of Watch Dogs despite the affair with the degradation of graphics? The expensive promotional campaign did its thing and Watch Dogs became a recognizable brand, although many players claimed that the story in the game was boring, the main character Aiden Pearce was impersonal, and the gameplay was not at the level of other games with sandbox environments. 

The game achieved excellent sales with over six million copies delivered and paved the way for a different sequel. Ubisoft got another profitable open-world franchise with Watch Dogs. On the other hand, Watch Dogs dropped the Driver series from the plan, the creators of which completely switched to the development of this series. Just these days we found out how Watch Dogs came out of what was supposed to be a new game in the Driver series.

We got the sequel to Watch Dogs at the end of 2016, and with it, Ubisoft tried to animate the series with warmer colors, more vivid characters, and a new place of action - San Francisco. The third part moved to European territory, more precisely to London.
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