The actor revealed how Simlish, the official language of The Sims, came into being

Simlish, the official language of The Sims

The fictional language spoken by the characters in The Sims games has some established expressions and can often sound like a real language. No wonder, then, that over time you begin to understand the Sims by what they say. After all, several popular songs have been sung in that language - and famous singer Katy Perry knows Simlish, right?

If you've ever doubted the legitimacy of the Simlish language - here's the confirmation: everything is made up and the Sims don't have their language the way people do. This was confirmed by actor Andrew Chaikin, who lent a voice to male Sims in The Sims 2, and numerous other Sims games.

Chaikin says the creators of the series immediately revealed a secret to him: Simlish doesn’t exist and the vast majority of what Sims says are fictional words that mean almost nothing. However, this does not mean that imaginary language has no rules and that there is no way for people to speak it.

Chaikin also reveals how language must sound like American chatter - it must not be unrelated and it must not be repeated. The practice, therefore, is for the actor who records the voice for Sims to take a magazine, turn it upside down, choose some juicy words, and thus read them.

So all you have to do to speak Sims is read something in English - backward.

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