The eco-strategic game Terra Nile has been announced, in which we are restoring the natural system

The eco-strategic game Terra Nile has been announced

Even before their E3 conference scheduled for June 12, publisher Devolver Digital unveiled a new title to be found in their catalog. This is an interesting Terra Nile strategy that comes to us from the creators of Broforce, and it is a slightly different city builder.

Instead of developing cities with the help of buildings, here we will return the ecological system to the devastated country. So we will have to take care of energy, arable land, greenery, and other elements with which to restore ecology and climate. When things get more stable, wild animals will also appear with how we will eventually have to recycle everything and leave nature untouched.

Developers are announcing procedurally generated maps and how each region should always have different challenges in restoring the ecosystem. In addition, we will be greeted by an eye-pleasing graphic style and a relaxing soundtrack with which this eco-adventure should be a relaxing experience. Admittedly, it is not yet known when we will have the opportunity to test our ecosystem restoration skills.

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