Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has been announced, got a demo that doesn't work

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin has been announced, got a demo that doesn't work

The rumor sounded great: the team that made the excellent Nioh series is now working on an action game from the world of Final Fantasy. The rumor was true and the Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy was officially unveiled yesterday. However, the very announcement of the game left many indifferent, if not disappointed.

First of all - the look of the game. Some have joked that the game looks like it’s from the PlayStation 2 era. So at least it looked on stream and although the picture quality is slightly better in the released trailer, it’s still something below average compared to Final Fantasy 14 from five years ago.

Secondly - cringy dialogues. In the video, the word chaos is probably repeated thirty times. And finally - a demo version that was launched immediately after the premiere of the game, exclusively for PlayStation 5, and cannot be played because it cannot be run due to corrupt files in the installation.

It didn't go well for Team Ninja, but who knows - maybe they'll turn everything upside down on the positive by 2022, when the game should be out for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

The game itself will be a bit darker than the classic Final Fantasy titles. Here we thus expect larger amounts of blood in combat, as well as characters who are more macho than most of the protagonists in the FF series. Square Enix is not 100% sure in this direction, so in addition to the broken demo version, they also launched a survey in which players can participate to give their opinions about the game and influence its further development.

Judging by the number of negative ratings on the video, the audience is not particularly happy.

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