The creators of Gothic announced the dark SF title ELEX 2

The creators of Gothic announced the dark SF title ELEX 2

After divorcing the Gothic series, the German team Piranha Bytes made Risen and then in 2017 threw themselves into a brand new project called Elex. It was a game that wanted to be anything and everything and in the end, it was average in just about everything. But perhaps her sequel manages to rise from the category of medium grief.

Elex 2 has been announced for PC and all current PlayStation and Xbox consoles and is reportedly coming this year. It will continue the story of the hero Jax and his world Magelan, who lived peacefully for several years after the first game, but a new threat appears on the horizon. Jax is kidnapped by his son and he must unite different groups of Magalans to defeat the occupiers.

Elex 2 doesn’t seem to promise anything special beyond the already boiled Piranha Bytes formula. Expect such a large map on which this time you will be able to fly an aspiring world full of characters who remember what you made and are all consumables so there are no immortal task providers. Mention is made of a massively improved control system versus the original game and that’s more or less it.

The news is that Jonathan Davies from the band Korn worked on the music for the play.

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