Is a new Dead Space game coming? The rumors are getting louder and clearer

Is a new Dead Space game coming? The rumors are getting louder and clearer

A few days ago, it was rumored that EA would soon announce the big comeback of one of its more popular, acclaimed titles. Namely, EA will 22.07. to hold its Play Live event where numerous announcements of new games are expected, and reportedly this mysterious new game from the already famous series will be shown right there.

But which series is it about? Well, everything points slightly to Dead Space. An avalanche of rumors that it was Dead Space was started by journalist Jeff Grubb from GamesBeat, who was allegedly informed about the whole thing. He didn't want to reveal too much at first, but when he mentioned the word "dead" between the lines, it was enough for Dead Space fans to get the idea that it was the new Dead Space.

This is all the information we have had so far, but it was Eurogamer and Gematsu who confirmed that they had heard a similar thing, with Gematsu being very direct in his statement:

Gematsu also separately confirmed that the return of the Dead Space series is in development at the Motive studio, and they say it is a reimagination more than a continuation of the existing trilogy.
If you’ve played the entire Dead Space trilogy, then you know there’s not much room for a sequel. Some reimagining of the series, that is, starting from scratch in the same universe, therefore sounds much more reasonable. By the way, EA Motive studio seems like a good choice for a game like this. You might already be familiar with it because they worked on some very good space games - Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars: Battlefront 2.

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