It looks like the next-gen Starfield game won’t have a ladder climbing animation

It looks like the next-gen Starfield game won’t have a ladder climbing animation

Here’s one interesting fact you may not have been aware of. In games like Fallout and Skyrim, there is no animated climbing or descending ladders - it's always done as "teleportation" and no matter how advanced the machine runs those games, your screen always darkens in transition when you use the ladder.

For that reason, fans of Bethesda’s games cheered when they noticed in a recent Starfield trailer that an astronaut was climbing a ladder inside his spacecraft. Animated ladder-climbing - have we finally received that from Bethesda ?! However, Starfield will only be released for the new generation Xbox and will use the improved Creation Engine 2…

The answer is - don’t hope too much.

Director Todd Howard was asked about the Starfield ladder in an interview, so he skillfully avoided answering. “Climbing isn't, don't read too much from the ladder. These are the ladders through which you exit and enter the spaceship. That's it." Said Howard, not giving up too much hope as far as the ladder was concerned.


While he did not want to talk about the ladder, Howard did not hesitate to further explain the game to those who may not have understood from the trailer what kind of adventure it could be. In short, Howard says Starfield is Skyrim in space.

“For me, Starfield is like a Han Solo simulator. You get on a ship, explore the galaxy, do fun things. It's similar to Skyrim in terms of the structure of the game, where you play the character you want to play, join different groups, and shape your destiny. ”

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