More details about the upcoming Elden Ring have been revealed to us

More details about the upcoming Elden Ring have been revealed to us

One of the most enjoyable surprises of this E3 season was that we finally saw something new about an action RPG called Elden Ring. Geoff Keighley even held an entire show (of almost two hours!) Just to be able to show a trailer for a new game being prepared for us by the creators of Dark Souls and Game of Thrones.

Joke aside, at the Summer Game Fest we got a first look at the gameplay of Elden Ring and we found out the release date of the game. Given that January 21, 2022, is in the not-so-distant future, we still know relatively little about this title. That’s why Elden Ring’s creative director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, revealed a mountain of more details about Elden Ring in an interview with the IGN portal (which you can read here).

Miyazaki spoke about the mysterious story of the game and confirmed that the world we will be wandering around is called The Lands Between. In that place, a ring called the Elden Ring gives most people a kind of golden aura. But there are individuals called Tarnished who have lost that aura and are therefore excommunicated from The Lands Between. At one point, the Elden Ring is destroyed, and we in the role of Tarnished have to fight six demigods holding fragments of the ring.

Miyazaki says a lot of these story-related concepts are due to George R.R. Martin, author of the famous Song of Ice and Fire series. Recall, we’ve known before how Martin helped come up with the background story for Elden Ring, but it was mentioned several times in the interview how important a role the famous writer plays. Miyazaki says GRRM has greatly contributed to making the world and the plot complex enough yet understandable to the player. 

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As for the gameplay, Hidetaka in the interview focused mostly on the freedom that will be given to the player during the adventure. Supposedly we will have access to a huge open world and will therefore be given mechanics to help us with movement like riding (goat?) And jumping. The world is divided into six different areas that players will be able to access in different ways, although there will also be a charted path for those who want to. Also, each area will have a separate dungeon and side castles and catacombs to explore.

Freedom for the player will also be present in the combat system. We will have over a hundred skills or special attacks to perform, we will be able to use magic as in Dark Souls, and the famous stamina will at least limit our attacks less. Miyazaki added that a kind of crafting system will be present, and he hopes that because of all these elements, the game will offer more than enough options to players. However, one option we won’t see in the Elden Ring is reviving our character - it’s obviously reserved for Ax: Shadows Die Twice.

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We didn’t mention exactly everything that was talked about in the interview, but still, this sounds very interesting. By all accounts, From Software and George R.R. Martin have something really special to show us. We’ll see if the Elden Ring meets all of these mighty expectations when it comes out early next year.

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