Palworld has been announced, a game reminiscent of Zelda, Pokemon and third-person shooters

Palworld has been announced

If for some reason you ever wanted the Zelda series to be able to tame various creatures like in Pokemon and to shoot from a machine gun with a perspective behind you, here's a game for you. Not Zelda, admittedly, but the new indie title Palworld could be an interesting alternative.

Pocketpair will be in charge of this game, which is also responsible for the survival game Craftopia. By description, Palworld will be a multiplayer game, an open world with elements of survival and crafting. In the game, we will be able to make friends with creatures called Palsi, with whose help we will build facilities, run a farm, explore dungeons, make weapons, shoot from a machine gun, and much more. Try to imagine Pokemon shooting and you know what awaits you approximately.

The game should not be available to us until 2022, and for now, it is known that the game comes to the PC via Steam. In order not to think that I dreamed it all, here is a trailer that will prove that I don't have such a rich imagination after all.

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