Someone has increased the number of zombies in Days Gone - up to 670 on the screen

Now that the Days Gone zombie adventure is available on PC, we are slowly starting to get interesting user modifications.

Hordes of zombies are somehow a trademark of Days Gone, and in the vanilla version of the game these hordes contain at least fifty zombies, and in some scenarios, they are much larger. But now a mode is available that increases the minimum and the total number of zombies in the game. The minimum horde now consists of about 280 zombies, and in some parts of the map, you can find hordes of up to 670 zombies (the maximum in the original was about 500 zombies).

There is even an optional version with a minimum of 500 and a maximum of 750 zombies, for the bravest.

Unfortunately, this mode will not be useful to those who are in the middle of playing Days Gone on a PC because it requires a new save game, that is, to start the game from the beginning. If you don't mind, you can download the modification on Nexus.

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