The new Space Jam movie also gets a game, it was programmed by an old grandmother

The new Space Jam movie also gets a game

Space Jam: A New Legacy or simply Space Jam 2 as many fans call it, is a new Space Jam film that is coming to theaters next month with LeBron James as the main star.

But did you know that the film will get a game as well? A game programmed by Grandma? Well, now you know.

It's just that the game wasn't programmed by Grandma, it's just a joke from the trailer we attach below.

So, the game will carry the creative title Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game, and it will be an old-fashioned arcade show with a pixelated Lebron James in the lead role. There is no basketball gameplay insight in this trailer, just a shake-up with famous and lesser-known characters from Looney Tunes.

Microsoft has seized the opportunity, so the game will be available first on Xbox to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers as early as July 1, and they have announced that it will be available "a little wider" from July 15. Just before the movie came out. Admittedly, it’s not clear if the game will later be available on platforms other than the Xbox.

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