The Last Oricru acts as a blend of Gothic and Dark Souls

The Last Oricru acts as a blend of Gothic and Dark Souls

One of the games that Koch Media plans to launch under its Prime Matter branch will be a fantasy RPG called The Last Oricru. This is a game that has been in development since 2015 and is being worked on by the Czech studio GoldKnights, for which this is the first project so far.

The Last Oricru will be played from the third person and will take us to a strange world located on a foreign planet where people and anthropomorphized animals live together in a medieval atmosphere. It's a cruel world, the developers say, and the worst enemies there don't fight with weapons but with words.

Of course, there will be fights and The Last Oricru is one of those games that was modeled on Dark Souls, so it promises a brutal challenge. It is a mitigating circumstance that another player in the local multi-player split-screen format will be able to help you in the fight. It seems that the other player will only be a helper, given that it is stated that the game will be an RPG in which each choice has its consequences.

The Last Oricru is planned for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S, and we should play it sometime during 2022.

An eight-minute gameplay preview has now been launched. The display is from the alpha version of the game.

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