The strategy game Frostpunk is shared for free

The strategy game Frostpunk is shared for free

Epic Games continues to share free games on its gaming platform. After the previous two big titles NBA 2K21 and Among USA, it was the turn of the icy Frostpunk in which your ethical and moral norms will come to the fore.

The title of developer 11-bit studios was found in this week's Epic offer for everyone who uses their profiles on the Epic Games Store. Frostpunk will thus be free until June 10, next Thursday. This is a strategic survival game in which the main focus is on developing the city and keeping it warm so that residents can survive.

Get it for free Frostpunk (PC)

Frostpunk came out on PC in 2018, and a year later it arrived on consoles. In the meantime, it got several mods that further spiced up the gaming experience. If you’ve ever played This War Of Mine, then you’re familiar with moral decisions that will throw you into depression because both games originated from the same development studio.

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