Titan Quest - On this day

Titan Quest - On this day

Diablo 2 came out at the beginning of this century and as is usually the case, many developers have tried to emulate it. There were good and bad Diablo copies, from Sacredo to Dungeon Siege to Titan Quest. It was the latter that came out on this day exactly fifteen years ago.

Titan Quest built its identity primarily through the setting, that is, by being located in ancient Greece, where the player was greeted by a bunch of mythological creatures. The variety of opponents was key to this hack’n’slash game, as well as a pretty good balance between different skills. The success of the game was helped by cooperative multiplayer for up to six players, and the level editor made it possible to stamp user content while we didn't even know the term DLC.

Titan Quest was in many ways a traditional example of an action RPG. However, he also had some ideas of his own. Unlike Diablo, he did not pre-define the characters by class but allowed the players to determine the direction in which they would develop their character through progress. The collection of the so-called loot was designed so that the player could see the type of equipment the enemy was dropping while the enemy was running after him. The idea was to avoid the then-frequently used systems of animals and monsters leaving money while the player wonders - where did they get their money from? 

Titan Quest initially sold as a PC exclusive in close to a million copies and then received an expansion called Immortal Throne. The sequel was not officially received, but it received numerous ports and other releases. In 2016, we received the Anniversary edition and a mobile port for Android and iOS, and in 2017 an additional expansion called Ragnarok. In 2018, Titan Quest appeared on consoles for the first time (PS4, XBO, Switch), and then in 2019, it received its third expansion - Atlantis.

This year, Titan Quest: Legendary Edition is coming - a new version of Titan Quest for mobile devices that includes Titan Quest Anniversary Edition and two additional expansions - Ragnarok and Atlantis.

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