The Xbox boss criticized Sony for their policy of bringing PlayStation games to the PC

The Xbox boss criticized Sony for their policy of bringing PlayStation games to the PC

There hasn’t been any public squabbling between the Xbox and PlayStation on a formal level for a long time, at least not through direct scoring about which console is better at what. Now, however, a rather unexpected comment has come from Xbox’s direction. Watch this: the Xbox boss has indirectly criticized Sony and their policy of bringing PlayStation exclusives to the PC platform.

In a recent interview before E3, Phil Spencer did not hesitate to say that the Xbox for PC gamers has a better position than the PlayStation. He didn't name the competition, but it's pretty clear who he meant.

“As the Xbox ecosystem grows in terms of content and total users, it becomes more valuable to our players and partners. We are currently the only platform that simultaneously launches games on consoles, PC, and streaming services. Others transfer their games from consoles to the PC years later, asking players not only to buy their hardware to play those games earlier but to charge them a second time to play them on the PC. And all our games have been on subscription since day one with full cross-platform gaming support. ” Said, Spencer.

Spencer's remark is partly in place, although only five years ago the same could be said for the Xbox team. In the meantime, things have improved in that area so the Xbox has an advantage. But how much that advantage means to PC gamers could be debated. The Xbox launches its games on the PC at the same time as on the consoles, and when you buy one version of the game, you own both the console version and the PC version. However, this applies to buying games through the Microsoft Store, which PC players do not prefer at all, and Xbox games on Steam usually come later and cost more than on the Microsoft Store.

In any case, the statement is a bit unusual for several reasons. First of all, Spencer is known for advocating community among gamers and believes that the success of the competition is a good thing for the entire video game industry, and with this statement, he will stimulate heated debates. And secondly, it’s completely weird to see the Xbox criticize the PlayStation’s moves… because of the PC platform. If someone had said that five years ago, we would have no idea what this story is about.

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