Godzilla and King Kong in GTA 5

GTA 5 Godzilla and King ModeGodzilla and King Kong in GTA 5

Among the modding community of GTA games, a modder nicknamed JulioNIB has the status of a legend. Over the years, the guy has made very high quality (and complex) modifications by which he inserted Spider-Man, Goku, Predator, Hulk, and numerous characters into GTA 5. And now he has given himself another big task to put monsters in GTA 5: Godzilla and King Kong.

King Kong was put into play earlier this year, while Godzilla’s first depiction in GTA 5 was shared by JulioNIB yesterday on his Patreon, where he released an early version of the script mode. For now, this version is only available to those who support his work by paying, but when it comes out in the final version, it will be free for all interested players.

Godzilla is like a mod in GTA 5 a playable character and as such is a tool for creating chaos around the city. It can crush tiny vehicles with its foot, but a more impressive attack is atomic odor, which also solves flying attacks. If this sounds like Godzilla OP to the San Andreas region, wait to see Mechagodzilla - and that mod is in development!

For now, Godzilla and King Kong are still not in the game together, but one day we may see that too. The King Kong mod, which has been in development for some time, includes the playful Kong, but also monkeys who can be helpers or enemies. The Godzilla-Congo conflict is therefore technically imminent. Given that we haven’t had a game so far where Kong and Godzilla fight each other, it looks like GTA 5 on PC could soon offer that spectacle.

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