Gran Turismo 7 could soon have beta testing

Gran Turismo 7 could soon have beta testing

We will not play Gran Turismo 7 in its full version in 2021, but maybe that is why we will have a test drive. The GTPlanet portal has noticed that the Experience PlayStation app promotes the Gran Turismo 7 beta test for the PlayStation 5. Currently, a 12-digit code can be generated for this alleged test, but you cannot activate it because it is always the same and invalid.

Given that this comes from an official source, i.e. the PlayStation site itself, chances are high that beta testing of the Gran Turismo 7 is planned. The only question is - when?

The Gran Turismo series has a long tradition of "beta tests". Back in the PlayStation 2 era, there were early versions of GT games, such as the Gran Turismo Concept, and more recently GT Sport had beta testing half a year before its launch.

Gran Turismo 7 was announced for 2021, but the development of the game was delayed due to the consequences of the pandemic.

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