See what the tenth season of Apex Legends brings

See what the tenth season of Apex Legends brings

Emergence or the tenth season starts in Apex Legends on August 3rd. As usual, a new playful character arrives, new weapons will appear, the map changes, and much more. But let's go in order.

The new character/legend will be called Seer. He will, with a passive ability called Heartseeker, be able to visualize opponents on a map through their heartbeats using weapon targeting. His tactical skill is to send micro-drones that can prevent the opponent from acting (eg healing) for eight seconds and serve to show the opponent's energy to the whole team. Seer’s ultimate ability is to launch a sphere that reveals to everyone the position of opponents who move quickly or shoot within it.

The new season brings additional weapons: Rampage LMG - a machine gun that fires slower, but can be loaded with thermite grenade so that after activation it fires much faster.

This season, significant changes will be given to the World’s Edge map, where the Sorting Factory, Refinery, and Train Yard locations will be replaced with new ones, and some new methods of navigating the map have been added.

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