The good news for PC gamers - for faster loading games you will not need Windows 11

faster load games DirectStorage Technology

If you're not interested in Windows 11 or your processor isn't compatible with that system, the good news is from Microsoft. It will not be necessary to install Windows 11 to load future games from NVMe discs faster. It has been announced that DirectStorage technology will still be available as part of the old Windows 10 system.

It didn't sound like that a month ago, and Microsoft probably changed its mind about limiting this technology to just one version of the system. Admittedly, some conditions will exist so Windows 10 must be version 1909 or later. In addition, Microsoft states that Windows 11 will still have additional optimizations that will make loading games even more efficient than on Windows 10.

DirectStorage technology is designed to solve a problem we've had on our PCs for years - that games couldn't take full advantage of data transfer speeds from modern disks. To use DirectStorage, you will need an NVMe disk with PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 interfaces and a graphics card with support for DirectX 12, which is not older than nine years.

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