The Steam Deck controller will have no problems with drift, they say from Valve

The Steam Deck controller will have no problems with drift

Modern controllers are prone to the problem of analog stick drift, which is most commonly noted on Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, and then on other controllers for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. It is assumed that this annoying problem arises due to the manufacturer's savings on small parts of the controller, so the controller after consuming the components begins to control the game on its own.

Users are increasingly aware of this problem, so the issue of drift was one of the highlights when the Steam Deck portable device was introduced. The controllers of this device are connected to the central part, so in case there are any problems with them, the whole device must be serviced.

Fortunately for the future owners of Steam Deck, Valve says that they are aware of the frequent problem of drifting on other controllers and that when designing Steam Deck, they tried to avoid such a thing. Device engineer Yazan Aldehayyat told IGN the following:

"We have done a ton of reliability testing, really on all fronts. We have the impression that the controller will be reliable and work properly. Of course, every part can fail, but I think people will be very happy with Steam Deck. ”

We deliberately selected the parts according to the performance expected. We didn't want to take any chances with that. And I'm also sure that customers wouldn't be happy if we took the risk. " - added Steam Deck designer John Ikeda.

So, nothing is indestructible or eternal, but even such a statement is something different from other examples of companies that hide the problem of drifting under the carpet. Recently, Nintendo announced a new model of Switch console, but despite mass lawsuits and repairs to the Joy-Con controller, the new Switch OLED will be launched without any changes or improvements in this field.

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