Tuning is coming to GTA Online

Tuning is coming to GTA Online

Next Tuesday, July 20, GTA Online will become richer for the free Los Santos Tuners extension. As they say from Rockstar, the underground tuning scene will come to life in Los Santos. On the outskirts of the city near Cypress Flats, an underground garage will open for all fans of vehicle modification. It will be a place where players will be able to show off their unique creations, outside and under the hood.

The so-called LS Car Meet, as the place will be called, will be a zone with exclusively positive vibes. Which means you can only access it without a weapon. You come here to celebrate car tuning, brag about your vehicle, and admire others. There is no destruction or savagery.


If you want, you can become a member of LS Car Meet for 50 thousand dollars (virtual ones), which unlocks various challenges, the opportunity to race and win prize cars, etc. So new street races, missions related to tuning, and the more you solve the more reputation you win in the tuning scene. Reputation can then be exchanged for various stickers for cars, parts, etc. 

As usual, this expansion brings new vehicles such as imported cars such as Annis, Dinka, or √úbermacht. Ten will be available immediately after the launch of the LS Tuner, on July 20, while the remaining seven will arrive over the summer.

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