DokeV is a Pokemon MMO like we never got, the hardware is not ready for this graphics

DokeV is a Pokemon MMO like we never got

When Nintendo is not going to make an MMO game on the topic of Pokemon, the South Korean team Pearl Abyss will take on that task. You know them as the creators of Black Desert Online and the upcoming MMO game Crimson Desert, but they have another "dessert" - a game called DokeV.

DokeV is an MMO in a big colorful world where people live with fantastic creatures. DokeV is the very name of the world while beings are called Dokebiji. Of course, Dokebies are used to fight and the goal is to collect them all. But unlike Pokemon, Dokebiji draws their strength from the dreams of their owners. The more we make our dreams come true - the stronger the Dokebys are.

And dreams are adventures in the sunny world. It has everything from cycling, skating and rollerblading, to swinging and free-flying in the style of Spider-Man. The characters in the game are children who probably want to become "rock stars", as the music in the video suggests.

It all looks crazy, graphically advanced, and… quite jerky. From Pearl Abyss they say the video above is made up of real gameplay footage, but the whole thing is still in development and a lot will change.

DokeV is in development for PCs and consoles. Game release date not revealed.

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