Splitgate got 2v2 mod in the new update

Splitgate got 2v2 mod in the new update

The free Splitgate shooter in the last 24 hours has never been able to get air from all the great information and news. Development studio 1047 Games first announced that the game remains in beta until further notice, and shortly thereafter that a new mode has arrived within the aforementioned title.

Splitgate has had only two modes so far - Ranked 4v4 and Ranked 3v3 Takedown. As of today, Splitgate will also host a third, Ranked 2v2. It’s a good addition for all players who don’t have a lot of friends or just want to play with just one particular one. In addition to introducing a new mode, the latest update has fixed some minor issues and improved server capacity.

This is good news for the 10 million players who have played this free shooter in the last 30 days since the game arrived in beta. The great popularity of Splitgate was so sudden that the initial release of version 1.0 was postponed for a month due to server overcrowding, only to later turn it into an indefinite date.

Splitgate's development studio should treat us to the big news about this title on August 25 at Gamescom. We already know how to work on an improved version of the game for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series consoles, and at the fair, we will see what else awaits us.

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