The first trailer for Elements, an open world action adventure, has arrived

Fans of exploration, action, platforming, crafting, and construction could keep an eye on Elements, a game that combines these elements into one package. This action-adventure will introduce us to the twin's Nyah and Beckett who we will be able to control independently or cooperatively when the game comes out in late 2022.

Elements will take us in search of eight elemental stones in a rather colorful world in which we will also have to solve puzzles. There will be more of these different creatures that will be able to be tamed and used to move faster around the world. Gathering resources will serve to improve and create equipment, and we will be able to build and tidy cottages that will serve us as points for a quick trip.

The fight will be divided into near and far, with how magic can be used, and when we are ready we will have to defeat every stone keeper and prevent the downfall of the world.

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