The PS2 Eclipse is a portable PlayStation 2 and looks great

The PS2 Eclipse is a portable PlayStation 2 and looks great

Games for the PlayStation 2 can technically be emulated on a variety of handheld devices. It’s not that playing a PS2 title on a portable console has been impossible so far, but it’s still impressive when someone makes their solution to such a thing.

YouTuber nicknamed GingerOfOz has already made a name for himself by making a portable Wii console, and now he’s done a similar thing with the PlayStation 2. In a project he called the PS2 Eclipse, the guy cut the PS2 console’s motherboard and inserted it into a 3D printed frame. Sure, it did a bunch more work without going into details, but the result is that the console is the size of a DualShock 2 controller for the PS2.

It is important to emphasize that the PS2 Eclipse is not a device that emulates PS2 games. Since it uses the original PS2 console hardware, the games spin exactly as they were run on the PS2 console. But how does it run them if there is no DVD reader?

The answer is via USB, which was also possible on the PlayStation 2, but it had its limitations. Namely, the PS2 used the old USB 1.1. a slow standard, which is why downloads on the PS2 Eclipse are longer than on the PS2. But that does not diminish the value of what GingerOfOz has achieved.

The PS2 Eclipse will not go on sale, ie it will not be available for order. Modder made it “for his soul”, but he described the making process in quite detail so that with a little knowledge and the right tools, in theory, you can do a similar thing yourself.

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