You can try Windows 11 without installing it, but it's not very functional

Windows 11 Simulator

Windows 11 is still under development. It can be accessed through testing, but for many, it is a pressure they will not agree to. If you are among those who do not plan to install new Windows to try them out, the developer Blue Edge offers a solution - Windows 11 Simulator… or something like that.

On this page, you can see without any prerequisites what it is like to use the new Windows interface and its new applications. You don't have to install anything - everything runs from the browser.

Of course, this is very far from a functional version of Windows. What you can try here are just some of the most basic things - a new taskbar and start menu layout, a new look for the Microsoft Store app, and a new panel with news and other things. There are currently no settings for Windows Explorer. In other words, this is just the most basic look at the new Windows interface - if you’re interested in animations and all those cosmetic changes.

Windows 11 should officially be launched by the end of 2021.

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