A new Brothers in Arms game is under development

A new Brothers in Arms game is under development

The Brothers in Arms tactical shooter series has been on an extended break for 13 years, not counting mobile games. However, something is * cooking *, and this was confirmed by the head of Gearbox Software in a recent podcast.

"We're working on another game from the Brothers in Arms series - but we won't say anything until it's over. We have fans who like that series, but they have to suffer until then. ” Said, Randy Pitchford.

The team is guided by the practice that it is better to announce the game when they have something to show. They also practiced this with Borderlands 3 which they announced half a year before the game was launched.

Previous games from the Brothers in Arms series have aimed at the authenticity of the atmosphere of the Second World War. But then Brothers in Arms: Furious 4 was announced, which pulled the whole thing towards fantasy in the style of Tarantino's "bastards". Eventually, that game is canceled, and it will be interesting to see if Gearbox returns to realism with the new sequel or tries to push fantasy again.

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