Commandos 2 - On this day

Commandos 2 - On this day

The Commandos series of games never experienced the fame it deserved, but at the end of the past and the beginning of this century, it was the leader of the real-time tactical games genre. The series confirmed its expertise on this day exactly 20 years ago when Commandos 2: Men of Courage appeared.

The sequel to Behind Enemy Lines brought us back to the old team including the Green Beret, spies, snipers, and others. They were joined by three new members: a thief, a seductress, and a dog Whiskey. The new characters opened up additional opportunities and possibilities for sabotaging Nazi forces, but on the other hand, the enemies also became more capable and reacted differently to different types of distractions. One of the main changes was that they immediately opened fire on the Commandos instead of keeping their insight when they were spotted.

Commandos 2 initially came out as an exclusive for the PC platform, but the publishing house Eidos Interactive wanted to extend the popularity of the series to consoles. That's why the game appeared on PlayStation 2 and Xbox consoles a year later. Unfortunately, this version of the game was inferior to the one on the PC due to more complicated controls. Due to this failure, Commandos later did not return to consoles with the third part, but only after switching to a completely different format with the 2006 Strike Force.

Commandos games, including Men of Courage, are available today in several places in their digital editions. The Commandos Remaster came out in early 2020 on PC, and later on consoles. Unfortunately, it wasn’t exactly the ultimate version of the game, given that a lot of motifs like the Nazi swastika were censored in that version.

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