Hitman angered GOG users because it is not completely DRM-free

Hitman angered GOG users because it is not completely DRM-free

The game Hitman: Game of the Year Edition has arrived in the GOG.com store these days. It happened almost five years after the game's first appearance on other platforms, and it would be expected that GOG users would reluctantly accept the opportunity to praise the game. However, the exact opposite happened - Hitman on GOG has a user rating of 1.4 out of a maximum of 5.

Namely, players are angry that the description of the game states that it is DRM-free, ie that it has no protection against unauthorized copying, and that it does not require an Internet connection. This is true in principle, but the game still requires players to connect to the internet so they can thrive on it. In translation, Hitman can theoretically be played offline on GOG, but in that case, the player will not unlock any additional weapons, costumes, or locations… which practically kills the meaning of the game.

GOG users mostly criticize this decision, believing that such conditions should not exist because previous Hitman games worked without it. They are also bothered by the fact that CD Projekt even went to include this game in its DRM-free title offer at GOG when this version of Hitman is no different from the version already sold on other platforms and stores. When after five years they did not try to make a full offline version, the game on GOG should not have come - the players say.

This is not the first case of rebellion against GOG because of one game. Previously, the controversial game was Armello, which was also not completely DRM-free. That game was subsequently removed from sale by CD Projekt, but it was never explained why. It remains to be seen whether a similar thing will happen to Hitman.

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