Multiplayer in Call of Duty: Vanguard should be the most tactful in the CoD series

From last night’s multiplayer unveiling of the new Call of Duty: Vanguard, we were pleasantly surprised by the promise. On a couple of occasions, Vanguard was compared to the two-year-old Modern Warfare, where the new so-called combat pacing. Recall that one of the major objections to MW was that it has over-complexly designed maps. In Call of Duty: Vanguard, you will be able to make each map equally dynamic, choosing one of three combat pacing modes - tactical, assault, and blitz - when starting a match.

At first, you will have a classic Call of Duty experience with 6v6 lobbies, while assault offers a range of 20 to 28 players per match, and if you want the maximum chaotic Shipment experience, you will choose a blitz where up to 48 players will rush across the map. A total of 20 maps are waiting for us when we leave, and the maps themselves will be "reactive", which we have reported on before. As the Sledgehammer team says, the map at the end of the match will look different every time.

This will allow for a multitude of destructive barriers - walls, doors, and the like; where you’ll be able to catch opponents on the run, and the whole thing looks pretty good in a new trailer that may now finally be a realistic display of the dynamism of an average Call of Duty match. Pieces of glass are pouring in all directions, walls are collapsing under bullets, and bombs are flying through cracks and creating problems for campers.

A gunsmith is also returning from Modern Warfare, in which you will be able to put up to ten accessories on your weapons. Namely, the way you put accessories on weapons will (logically) affect the strength of the weapon, but in Vanguard it should be much more pronounced precisely because of the destruction maps. 

Multiplayer in Call of Duty: Vanguard should be the most tactful in the CoD series

This also brings us to Sledgehammer’s claim that Vanguard should be the most tactful Call of Duty ever. LMGs can now become SMGs due to different combinations of upgrades, and all of that experimentation will be more fun on the team, where Vanguard has also picked up and supplemented clan options from Modern Warfare. Now, there will be team challenges and associated rewards for them, which further encourages the tactics that Vanguard soars to the heavens.

At the same time, they spent a good part of the presentation describing how each operative in the game has their own background story that complements the campaign as if this is something that the average player is interested in multiplayer. Maybe the "rich" story about the characters we play with will be the reason for Activision to charge even more for their skins. These details, however, have their gameplay purpose - each operative will have their preferred weapon with which, if you use it with that operative, they will earn additional bonuses.

Leaning the rifle on parts of the map becomes in again, and the new blind fire or shooting behind the cover blindly brings even more chaos, which you could already try in the alpha. It is too early to say how many problems this option will do to the detriment of the balance of the whole game. “We risk a lot with these innovations,” the boys and girls from Sledgehammer said at one point.

Still, the developers say they are closely following the feedback of players who have played alpha, and as early as this weekend, PlayStation players will be able to tactics in beta if they pre-order Vanguard. The rest of the raja beta will play that week behind, from Thursday (September 16) to Monday (September 20). Progress in the game will be saved regardless of the platform and generation of the console you are playing on.

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