See what the gameplay will look like in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The recently announced tactical game Marvel’s Midnight Suns demonstrated its gameplay. We already knew the premise: superheroes will have a base from which to go on missions, and up to three selected characters will be able to participate in the battle. Now, however, it has been revealed that the combat system will be based on cards that represent the powers of the characters themselves.

Each hero will have a unique set of cards that the player will be able to arrange to suit his style of play. In addition to the cards, the environment itself will have a significant role in the fight, which can be destroyed or used for the smart positioning of characters on the battlefield. Outside of combat and the missions themselves at a base called Abbey, we will be able to talk to comrades, give them gifts, and the like.

The Midnight Suns are planned for PC and all current consoles, and we should be playing it sometime in the third month of 2022.

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