The entire Uncharted series reportedly arrives on PC in one collection

The entire Uncharted series reportedly arrives on PC in one collection

It is already known that Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is being prepared for PC - we learned this directly from Sony. But now there is a rumor that PC players will get a lot more from that game. From somewhere there was a rumor that Uncharted: The Naughty Dog PC Collection is coming to the PC, which contains all four main games from the Uncharted series and an additional game Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

The official announcement of this is supposed to follow on Monday, September 6, while the date of Uncharted’s arrival on PC is reportedly set for December 7, which applies to the versions for the Steam and Epic Games Store.

Personally, the name "The Naughty Dog PC Collection" seems suspicious to me, so I'm not entirely convinced of the truth of this unconfirmed information. However, it also doesn't make much sense to me that the first Uncharted game that players can play on PC will be the fourth part of the series - also the finale for Nathan Drake.

Maybe a different name is used for this alleged collection because we already have The Nathan Drake Collection, only that collection contains three games. If the plan is to sell all four Uncharted games on one PC in one package, then it would be a bit confusing to use the name The Nathan Drake Collection which has different content on another platform.

In any case, the arrival of all Uncharted games on the PC in one package would not be unthinkable. The five games in question on the PlayStation 4 can be purchased at regular prices for $ 70. Unlike Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone, which sell for $ 50 on the PC, the Uncharted series is a bit older, so individual games would be a little harder to sell at a higher price than on consoles, so this move could make sense.

But we will find out the truth soon.

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