Ghost Recon Frontline, a tactical battle royale, has been announced

Ghost Recon Frontline, a tactical battle royale, has been announced

Ghost Recon is the next Ubisoft series after The Division that will sail into the waters of free-to-play format. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Ghost Recon, a completely new game has been announced - Ghost Recon Frontline, a little different from the previous titles from that series.

Ghost Recon Frontline will be a multiplayer game with an emphasis on PvP gaming. It will play exclusively with a first-person camera but will retain Ghost Recone’s traditional focus on tactics and reactive gameplay. Like most other live service games, Frontline will have a seasonal system and will get new content over time.

For starters, two modes will be available: Expedition and Control.

The expedition is the "main" mode and is essentially a slightly modified battle royale. Here, up to 100 players gather in the match, and it is played in teams of three on a map of 16 square kilometers and four biomes. The goal of each team is to gather three pieces of information on a map, where they can choose where to gather intel because there are multiple points on the map where information can be found.

Once the three intels come together, the extradition follows which is always loud and attracts other players who can steal your intel while you try to extradite him. The principle is similar to extraction from the Dark Zone in the Division or Plunder from the Warzone. This means that players practically don’t have to search for intel on the map but can simply wait in ambush to steal intel from others. 

Ghost Recon Frontline expedition squad

This is where the game is a little different from the battle royale format because the goal here is not to be the last team on your feet - the idea is to pick up what you need, either quietly or loudly, and escape with your head still on your shoulder.

Conflicts with other players will otherwise be encouraged as this earns you the option of invoking Tac-Support. This option allows the plane to throw tactical tools such as a sniper tower, turret, etc. at the desired location.

Ghost Recon Frontline tac-support

Unlike the classic battle royale format, there will be no shrinking circle here but all parts of the map will be available at all times. However, the rule for dying is the same - there is no respawn.

A separate mode called Control is the total opposite and is closer to the arena type of shooter. He opposes two teams of nine players each, fighting for dominance over the area. Respawning is allowed here, as is the use of tactical tools.

Ghost Recon Frontline will use a class system. So far, three classes have been confirmed: Assault, Support, and Scout. Each of them will have one active skill, three passive skills, and two gadgets. Classes will be able to alternate in the middle of the match. Similar to Rainbow Six Siege, the classes will be represented by Ghost operatives who will have different nationalities.

The Ghost Recon Frontline should come to life on PCs and consoles. A PC version of the game will be available, to begin with, and closed testing will take place as early as next week, from October 14 to 21.

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